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such a tragic tale

I suppose I should probably give you caps of all of their houses (there's the Weasleys, Potters & Grangers, just fyi. Darcy suggested I create Snape, and I'm going to do that later), however as you know, I am not one to do things the right way. And so! You get a story first!

If you're not interested in sims, harry potter, or angsty harry crying in the bathroom (oh yes), just skip along people, skip along.

JULIANNE/BEE'S SIMS HP ADVENTURES: Part 1 - Harry's desperation.

Note: Lily and James are alive. I would say I did it because I love L/J (which I do), however it was really because if Harry was living with the Dursleys, he would be Harry Dursley, and I really didn't like that. So yay, Lily and James!

Notex2: If Harry and James are ever not wearing their glasses, it is because they are in their pjs/underwear (sometimes I make James walk around in his underwear. He's hot for a Sim).

Notex3: Erm, I have no caps at the Weasley's. Except one where Molly is breakdancing (which you'll see at the end). Those will come next time (r/hr omg).

Small view of the Potters:

(That random counter floating outside is one of the problems of the depth on this game. Sometimes it looks like you're placing it in one place, when it really decides it's going somewhere else. Like outside of the house. It has a mind of its own sometimes)

Small view of the Grangers:

(Because we don't know what Hermione's parent's names are (or do we?), their names are Julie and Bill. I am so damn original. And yes, Hermione's hair is not curly, it is all crimpy. See previous post.)


Awwwww. Okay, now really here we go.

"Mom, dad, I'd really like to find a girl my age, with red hair and a fiery temper." "..."

“One day I'll find her, if I work really hard! And possibly change out of my pjs before 4 pm in the afternoon!" “...”

“Hey Ron, you have a sister, right? Red hair? Really bad temper?” “Whoa, no way, man, you’re not getting near Ginny.”

Harry breaks down in a fit of desperation. He’s so lonely.

He attempts to replace his dream girl with a random girl from school (that he brought home without even asking me. Damn kids). I permit this only because it is not Hermione. If he had tried to replace his dream girl with Hermione, I would have killed him off. *cough cough* Erm, I would have... yeah, I’d just kill him off.

That doesn't work out...

Harry talks to Hermione, who apparently is very interested in the traffic laws of Sim town.


Harry pulls an all nighter, planning cunning and skillful ways of finding Ginny.

Apparently one of his plans involved a delivery truck...and groceries...in the middle of the night... OH WELL IT WORKED.

And now Harry is happy. For about 2 sim days until he turns into a teenager. I have a feeling he’s going to be all in the angst.

The End.

One of Molly Weasley’s personality points is that she’s very active. So if you tell her to dance, she breakdances.

Alright, Julie Granger and Molly are “best friends”, and whenever one of them greets the other, they do this extremely long and very gangster secret handshake. You have no idea how freaked out I was when they did this the first time.

I would say “I promise a real update soon!”, but I don’t have any appts til next Friday... so yeah, this’ll be it.

Feel free to suggest scenes for stories, because as you know, I have far too much time on my hands.
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