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what are marajuana tablets?

Watching Mean Girls... I don't think I should be enjoying a movie with Lindsay Lohan in it as much as I am. I'll just say it's because of Tina Fey and then I can deal with it. Janice is so me.

Anyway, HARRY! GINNY! Sim!Harry and Sim!Ginny, but that doesn't matter. CAPS! I'll start with all their birthday parties.


Harry's party.

Yayy he's a teen!

Everybody do the waaaave! Hermione's going to be a teeeeen!

"..." And everyone looks at Julie for explanation. Do not worry, she can go shopping and get new clothes. Thank god.

Ginny and Ron's party.

Okay, so it's Ginny's turn, and yet everyone's thinking about George... he's one sexy dude.

It's teen!Ron! Yes, I know, he's wearing a gym suit... again with the shopping.

Okay, Ginny. Everyone's eating cake instead of celebrating, I think she's going to have some neglect issues later on.



Dude, GO HOME, I'm trying to hit on your daughter here!


Ginny and Harry are playing some weird form of sims game, I think it's like bingo...

Harry just "proposed" that Ginny sleepover tonight. I wish it had the implications that I want, but I doubt it. DAMN.

Are they not the cutest thing ever?


Alright, that's all the H/G I've got for now. However, random caps:

They are toasting... to what I don't know, but James is shirtless so that's not important.

Two seconds later, I'm told that Lily is pregnant, and her dress changes to maternity clothes. Smart move, drinking champagne while pregnant.

For acciofirebolt. It's not the best cap, I'll try to get a close up later.

And now I introduce you to the freakiest glitch in a game I've ever seen. I warn you, it could be permanently scarring.

If one of the kids is over at someone else's house, and then you go back to their house and they change to a teen, if you go back to the house they were visting... they've become some kind of midget deformed kid who floats in the air. It's so scary, when they walk their legs come apart, if they turn their head it breaks off... it's so freaky.

I don't think Ron and Ginny will ever recover from seeing Hermione look like that. It's so heart breaking.</a>

ps. Anyone know where I can find caps of last night's JoA?

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